When should you start anti-aging therapy? Read interview with Dr Hazem Seif El Nasr

By Hazem Seif El Nasr, Dermatologist


Hazem Seif El Nasr

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February 02, 2019

Interview with dermatologist and beauty Dr Hazem Seif El Nasr - Samar Hamdi 

Dr. Hazem Saif Al-Nasr is one of the most famous dermatologists in the Arab world.

He began his career at the Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, where he worked as a professor in the Department of Dermatology. He also served as Secretary General of the Egyptian Society of Dermatology. Dr. Hazem has extensive experience and reputation in the Gulf countries. He has been a Consultant of Dermatology in many hospitals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and has moved to the United Arab Emirates. He is currently working at the Junqueira Medical Clinic, which was recently opened in Dubai - Jumeirah in Nigeria Mall. He is the first skin and beauty specialist to join the clinic. The founder and director of the Junqueira Medical Clinic is Leandro, the renowned Brazilian surgeon.

When should women be advised to undergo a process of embalming or using anti-aging techniques such as Botox?
There is no specific age for beginning Botox therapy or other treatments, but most of them start late because they think it is only for those who are older and others who seek it after the mid-40s. My advice to them is to start by feeling and noting the need for them because some women show wrinkles at an early age due to factors other than age.

Are women at risk when using Botox injections? Is it accompanied by a sense of pain?
It does not have any problems or risks as long as it is used in the required doses and injected in the intended place, but it is prohibited to use pregnant and nursing women to avoid any aggravation and due to the nature of the body sensitive in this period. Pain is a pain-free procedure that has no side effects. A local anesthetic cream is used before injection.

Do non-surgical solutions provide effective results for maintaining skin beauty without undergoing plastic surgery?
Of course there are a lot of preparations, procedures, and treatments that help maintain the health and freshness of the skin and in turn, delay the need for skin for surgical intervention. Now with the advancement of these techniques and cosmetic products, it is easier and faster and gives immediate results.

But there are cases that require surgical intervention in the event of chronic disease in the skin or the incidence of inflammation and exacerbated in some cases due to exposure to an accident or poor attention and care of the skin. We in our clinic always advise and repeat that prevention is better than treatment and therefore should take care and exploit and employ all that is provided to us by cosmetic medicine techniques and procedures non-surgical in the preservation of the skin and health and prevention of everything that could harm them.

What is the best technique to combat skin aging and maintain skin freshness and attractiveness?
There are a lot of techniques and procedures that work on anti-aging and wrinkles, including the radio waves and other ultrasounds as well as laser, but all the different types of it ultimately work to stimulate the production of collagen in the skin. Is the one who in turn restore the skin and thus protect it from wrinkles and that aging early may vary the type and method of treatment of the skin, but always on the therapist or a doctor to look for the most appropriate way to the situation of the patient.

What are the latest techniques for removing excess hair permanently? Are there side effects?
It is common knowledge that the best way to remove the body hair from unwanted areas is the laser, regardless of the different types and depends on the type of laser used depending on the type of skin and color and type of hair. For us, at 
Junqueira Medical Clinic, we follow the use of the best three laser devices namely Alexandrite, Diode, as well as Andij Nd-YAG. As for side effects, there is nothing bad associated with the slight redness that occurs or may not occur in the treated area. The person undergoing treatment is given a cooling device for the area such as ice cubes and applying a protective cream that calms the treated area and prevents irritation.

Of course, there is nothing permanent hair removal, but these devices and techniques prevent the emergence of a long time and reduce the color and gluttony and become like lint or the body's natural hair. And no matter how many types of lasers are all in stages and sessions separated, a session per month. The degree of laser used varies depending on the region. The waves have a certain degree of temperature, the area under the armpit and the rest of the body have different degrees.

What are the basic steps of skin care to avoid problems and keep young people?
Skin care begins from protection and protection from air conditions, sleep well, abstain from smoking and burning sun, attention to cleaning from time to time with the allocation of a lotion suitable for quality to be used on a daily basis. And do not forget the protective cream (sunscreen), which is one of the most essential preparations that must accompany each girl and a woman in her handbag. As well as a healthy diet, exercise and drink plenty of water, which is the largest contributing factor in giving the skin freshness, health, and youth.

Are cosmetic surgery limited to women only and what are the most cosmetic procedures that attract men?
Beauty is not only a matter for women, but also for men. Many of them suffer from aesthetic problems that require surgical or non-surgical intervention, and some of them have a position and a job that requires to be in the most beautiful and the most beautiful in terms of appearance and shape. Therefore beauty and beauty is a subject in hand and accessible to everyone and it is the right of everyone looking for it.

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