Secure your family's health. Book, reschedule or
cancel doctor appointments at your fingertips!


Book an Appointment

Employees can Search, find and visit their chosen clinic and doctor covered by your corporate insurance plan. Book instantly.

  • Search by Name, Specialty, Procedure and Location
  • Global and Quick Search with Filter options
  • Map and List views
  • Filter options for Language, time slots and more

At the Clinic

From pre-visit, actual visit to post-visit, your employees are always connected

  • Appointment Reminders and transportation booking
  • Vastly reduced wait times at clinics when your information is available
  • Reschedule or cancel appointment anytime, from anywhere
  • Rate Doctor’s consultation, help colleagues

Manage Personal and Family Health

From medicine reminders, health and wellness news and community building, your employees have it all.

  • Medicine reminders and top-up alerts
  • Health and wellness news feeds, customized to personal needs
  • Employees can opt in as a donor or volunteer
  • Manage family’s health concerns

Intelligent Views and Insights

Secure, private and intelligent.

  • Get insights into team and role based health status and wellness initiatives
  • Choose between in-premise and outdoor programs
  • Save costs in future insurance premiums
  • Support corporate CSR initiatives

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