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By Dr. Anas Alsaleh, Dermatologist


Dr. Anas Alsaleh

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January 10, 2020

Stress is a part of everybody’s life. To simply put, Stress occurs as a reaction to changes. It can be mental, physical or emotional change.

Most of us go through stress every day on different levels and our body has the ability to handle it to some extent. The actual problem will start to rise when our body can no longer take it resulting in negative and harmful stress.

As a consequence, your body will start to show alarming signs and symptoms such as:
Headache, fatigue, stomach upset, increased blood pressure, chest pain, palpitation, sleep problem, panic attacks, depression, sexual dysfunction, dizziness, grinding teeth, weight fluctuation, muscle pain (neck, shoulder, face), cold sweaty palms, tiredness, trembling, diarrhea. 

A healthy lifestyle will support your body to cope with any kind of stress. Therefore one should avoid:
• Bad food habit 
• Smoking 
• Consuming alcohol 
• Inactive lifestyle 
• Lack of time management and daily routine
To know your stress level one can take the Stress Analysis Test with the newest device at our clinic (Dr. Mulham Polyclinic). The test is painless and will take around 30- 40mins.
The result will show how your body is responding to stress. Accordingly, our experts will plan individual therapy sessions.

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