10 tips to keep your skin soft & smooth in winter

By Lifeline Hospital, Health & Wellness Partner


Lifeline Hospital
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February 04, 2019

Whatever the weather, you have got to take care of your skin! As the seasons change so do our skincare routines. Summer is all about sunscreen, but winter, believe it or not, is all about moisturizing. During the colder months of the year, the humidity levels outside drop causing the air to become cold and dry which leads to any moisture on your skin to evaporate quickly. This is why it may feel dry and tight and appear flaky. Here are 10 tips to banish those chapped hands, cracked soles, and dry skin and keep you soft and smooth all season long!

1. Load up on lotion
Different parts of your skin tend to dry up faster than others such as your upper arms. If they dry up too much, it can become rough and trigger other conditions such as keratosis pilaris (a condition that creates small hard bumps that may be red and itchy). Try smoothing on a lotion that contains salicylic acid which helps to exfoliate dead skin cells. Lotions are one of the basics when it comes to moisturizing skin care.

2. Got Milk?
Ever notice when your skin starts to dry out it creates this kind of scaly pattern? Try using a lotion that contains lactic acid. This ingredient works as a moisturizer and exfoliates at the same time. You could also try taking a bath with a milk-based bath solution.

3. Layer it up.
Yes, you should wear clothes that protect you from the weather but in this tip, it’s about bath time. Upgrade your skincare routine with some new products. If you use bath oil or moisturizing body cleanser, it leaves a creamy film on your skin when you rinse it off sealing in moisture. After towel drying, go back to tip #1 and slather on lotion.

4. Scrub with honey.
You can create your own rich and hydrating scrub at home with just a dollop of honey and a spoonful of sugar. Combine the two and scrub to soften those dry patches like on your knee and elbows. Studies show that honey can help reduce inflammation and the grainy texture of sugar can increase circulation.

5. Gently buff away.
Exfoliation helps to remove dead skin cells and brighten up your skin. In addition, exfoliating makes it easier for the moisturizer to penetrate your skin easier. Proper skincare maintenance is all about rejuvenating our skin and bringing back that circulation.

6. Polish your feet.
Going down to your feet, if they feel rough around the edges, use an exfoliating scrub and a pumice stone to smooth things off. Top it off with moisturizer and seal the deal with socks.

7. Sanitise with caution.
When you constantly wash and dry your hands, you end up drying them out more than they should. To prevent chapped hands try using moisturizing wipe-off cleansers and sanitizers that are soap-free and alcohol-free. Then end with lotion right after.

8. Slip on some gloves.
Wearing gloves can help lotions and cream to really soak into your skin and trap the moisture. Also, they protect you from the cold wind that dried out your hands in the first place.

9. Shower quickly.
A long, hot shower or bath sounds like paradise after a long, cold winter’s day but all that heat might end up stripping the moisture out of your skin. Try to keep your shower sessions no more than 10 minutes and no more than once a day.

10. Dress up for bed.
Soft sheets plus soft sleepwear will do wonders for your skin. Try investing in silk or tightly woven natural fabrics such as cotton or cotton flannel. Avoid mixed materials and synthetic fibers as these can irritate your skin.

There you have it! Hope these tips and tricks will help you keep that silky soft skin of yours supple all year round! Which one is your favorite? Got any others? Let us know in the comments section below!

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