Check how Traditional Chinese Medicine can beat Diabetes!

By Jun Huang, Acupuncturist Practitioner


Jun Huang
Acupuncturist Practitioner

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January 31, 2019

Diabetes can, indeed, become a life-threatening disease.
According to an estimate, about 4-10 % of individuals in the USA, Canada, Europe and parts of Asia lose their lives every year due to this disease.
Diabetes has two types; Type 1 is called diabetes mellitus and is common in children and youngsters. It is an insulin-dependent type.
On the other hand, Type 2 diabetes is common in old age individuals who fail to build proper bloodstream into their bodies and cannot produce enough natural insulin.

Acupuncture Treatment:
It is noticeable that diabetes is a long-lasting disease and is also known to be the silent killer. Acupuncture helps in treating patients with diabetes. It involves a specific type of treatment which can treat the victims of this disease in a better way. During the acupuncture treatment, fine needles are used for restoring the flow of Qi in the body. This treatment mainly focuses on the regulation of blood circulation and improving the performance of pancreas. Typically acupuncture treatment takes six to ten visits to the patients to get cured. However, in the case of seriousness, the treatment period might take even more time.

Natural therapies:
Natural therapies involve massage of diabetic patients and the use of Chinese herbal medicines, for more effecting results.
Some of the natural dietary supplements are also good for treating patients with Diabetes 1 or 2. Finally, basic principles of good health like eating right, exercising regularly, and maintaining a healthy weight can be as effective as Acupuncture Treatment in the management of type 2 diabetes for most people.

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