A guide to possible sports injuries

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Lifeline Hospital
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February 02, 2019

Dubai offers many sports activities that are fun and engaging. There is something for every sports fan. This applies to people looking for that moment that will mark their vacation and give them a wonderful memory to come back home with, and the ones with a permanent or temporary residence in Dubai. Playing sports is incredibly beneficial for your health.

Unfortunately, it is common to get injured while having fun and engaging in your favorite sports activity. If you love playing football, Dubai is the right place for you. There are many football stadiums available both outdoors and indoors. Whether it is a chronic injury that causes pain or a new one, you will need to seek help and look for professional care. Here is a list of the most common sports injuries you can get while having fun engaging in this activity in Dubai.

Ligament Sprain
Ligaments connect bones to other bones and can be injured after an accumulation of stress. It is common to experience recurrent sprains in that region, accompanied by acute pains especially if you try to lean on the injured hand or leg. This injury is very common among football players. It is important to seek help because you cannot know if you’ve completely torn your ligament unless you have it checked by a professional.

Muscle Strain and/or Pulled Muscle
This can happen if you’ve engaged in a challenging physical activity before warming up. For example, when you enter an ongoing football match as a substitute. If you have a sprained or pulled a muscle with acute pain in that particular muscle, both in the exact moment of the injury and afterward, it is important to know that muscles form groups and that they support each other. This is why you need to see a professional and have that taken care of. Otherwise, you can develop a chronic history of repeated muscle strains.

Groin Pull
This can happen to you when you engage in a side to side motion. This can cause a strain in the inner thigh muscles or the groin. It can occur when playing tennis or football. You can put some ice on it and rest. In case you see the area swelling, you have to see a doctor to assess the severity of your injury.

Shoulder Pain
Normal shoulder function is accomplished by four muscles. If you injure any of them, you can experience pain in your shoulder when you try to rotate or raise your arm. Surrounding muscles and bone areas need to be examined by a specialist in order to determine the exact origin of your pain. Don’t take pain killers on your own and expect the shoulder to heal by itself because you can develop a chronic issue.

Knee Injury
Injures that occur in your knee can have origins in the knee ligaments or meniscus. This can be a serious injury with considerable consequences. It is imperative that you take it seriously, even if you don’t experience disabling pain. This injury is very common in any sport that requires sudden movements like tennis or skiing and sandboarding.

Shin Splints

This injury is common in sports that involve running, especially when played on firm surfaces. This problem can develop due to flat feet or if you’re running in shoes that don’t have proper support. To be sure what the origin is and how to treat this injury, it is important to check it with your doctor.

Dislocations and fractures
Whether you get your bone broken or a joint falls out of alignment, you have to see a doctor as soon as possible. Some of these injuries may need surgery to completely heal. The more common injuries that can occur are finger and hand dislocations, both of which need to be addressed by a professional.

There are many outdoor and sports activities you can do in Dubai. The list we provided includes the most common injuries that can happen while you play football or any other sports activity. It is important to know that there are professionals who can take care of you while you are staying in Dubai. You can always consult our specialists, orthopedic surgeons at our hospital.

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