7 Food fixings to build muscles this Movember

By Lifeline Hospital, Health & Wellness Partner


Lifeline Hospital
Health & Wellness Partner

February 05, 2019

Gentlemen! It’s finally Movember! Apart from growing a stache or a beard, do you know what else you should be growing? That’s right an amazing new lifestyle towards a healthier you!

Do you want to be fit and healthy? Do you want to be ripped? DO THE WORK! Sculpting muscles and building rock hard abs have to start way before you hit the gym. There are three key factors you need to grow muscle: doing exercise, drinking plenty of fluids and of course eating energy-rich food! This tandem will boost your workouts, repair muscle tissue and help you build the body you want!

7 Food Fixings to Build Muscles this Movember

The Game Plan
You need to eat food that not only provides energy but also helps to restore cells and bulk up the muscles. Here are some ‘must-haves’ to include in your system!

Lean Meat - This is a great source of protein, iron and amino acids. Iron helps to carry oxygen to the muscles and amino acids promote muscle growth.

Dark Meat Chicken - The dark meat provides 25% more iron and three times more zinc compared to the white meat. Zinc helps promote a healthy immune system.

Eggs - These tiny things contain all the essential amino acids your body needs. Try having 1 a day. Also, don’t skip the yolk! Half the protein in eggs is found in the yolk along with other important nutrients that promote eye health and more. 

Beans & Whole Grains - These are the best possible carbs you could load on. They contain small amounts of protein, fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants. All of which can provide energy and promote muscle repair. 

Low-Fat Dairy - These provide high-quality protein, essential vitamins, potassium, carbs, and calcium. In fact, chocolate milk has been scientifically proven to be a great workout recovery beverage! If you happen to lactose intolerant, you can still get the same nutrition from yogurt with active cultures.

Nuts - Another great source of protein, vitamins, fiber, antioxidants, and healthy fats. Just make sure to eat them unsalted; raw or roasted.

Fruits & Vegetables - Everyone knows that these are the foundation of all healthy eating habits! Chock full of vitamins, minerals, and some veggies have protein too all to provide total body nutrition.

Get the Right Timing
Timing is crucial when it comes to developing your muscles correctly! Yes, that does sound funny but think about it. You need carbs and protein to perform strength training and muscle recovery. Therefore you need to eat food that contains both and small amounts of healthy fats throughout the day. Your body needs time to digest and process everything you eat and drink! What you can do is create a schedule, for example: drink chocolate milk within an hour after your workout and have a meal 1-2 hours after.

So plan accordingly the food, the workouts and the time! The only way you can build and sculpt defined muscles is through progressive resistance training and the right meal plan to go with it. Push yourself to grow! If you need a better idea of the kind of food and portioning, you can always get a specially designed food plan from a registered dietitian. Don’t forget to coordinate with your trainer to challenge yourself without injury. Good luck!

Got any other ideas to share with your fellow man? Man up this Movember and drop those tips down below!

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