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What you should know about Laser Blended Vision. A personalized treatment for patients with presbyopia

By Dr. Ahmed El Sawaf, Improve your vision while decreasing the dependency on glasses and contact lenses.


Dr. Ahmed El Sawaf
Improve your vision while decreasing the dependency on glasses and contact lenses.

November 08, 2020

Our eyesight is the most valuable of all our senses. We take in the world around us primarily with our eyes. Seeing provides us with information, puts things into perspective and forms our views.

As we grow older, bodily functions like our eyesight start to decline. Presbyopia is a common eye condition that affects many people over the age of 40. Thereby, the eye starts to lose its ability to shift focus, causing difficulty when focusing on close objects and blurriness when reading. However, thanks to pioneering medical and technological research in recent years, correction options are available.

One of these options is Laser Blended Vision, an advanced Laser Vision Correction For compensating some of the symptoms of presbyopia. It offers several advantages Over conventional methods, particularly with respect to the customization of treatment, vision in focus at all distances and the immediate impact it provides.

Whether Laser Vision Correction is right for you depends on a variety of factors. Your eye doctor will be happy to assist you in finding the best option for your vision needs.


PRESBYOND Laser Blended Vision is an advanced method of treating presbyopia which offers the opportunity to achieve freedom from glasses by combining the simplicity and accuracy of corneal refractive surgery (laser eye surgery) with the benefits of increased depth of field in retaining visual quality. Compared to other conventional monovision treatments, it offers several significant advantages:


As a new and natural approach, PRESBYOND offers patients a customized treatment designed to achieve independence from glasses by combining the simplicity and accuracy of conventional LASIK with the benefits of increased depth of focus.

All Distances

PRESBYOND Laser Blended Vision is the way of treating presbyopic patients that aims to achieve sharply focused vision at all distances: near, intermediate and far – with virtually no compromises.


Most patients will experience immediate results and will be able to read up-close the very same day of the surgery. For these reasons, PRESBYOND Laser Blended Vision represents the next stage in eye care excellence.

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