How to Breastfeed a New Born Baby

By Hassan Badr, Pediatrician


Hassan Badr

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January 31, 2019

Basics of Feeding Newborn Baby: 

A newborn baby has enough calorie stored for the first 3 days but may need fluid earlier, so don’t worry. However, you should start breastfeeding as soon as you can, it is the best ever baby nutrition.

If suspected a delay or in hot weather, you can start formula milk within the 1st day to avoid dehydration.
Any other types of milk e.g. cow milk or any fluid other than sterile plain water are contraindicated.

Amount and Frequency:

In the first few days of life even till 14 days, the baby sleeps a lot and doesn’t feel hungry, so you should try to awaken him every 2-3 hours to feed any amount at least 8-10 times within every 24 hours. 

Method of Feeding:

Lay your baby across your abdomen, use one hand of your hand to support his head and the other his bottom. Guide his head towards your breast and adjust the baby's mouth toward the nipple.

If there is any extra/residual milk, you should Pump it out frequently and keep the milk in a refrigerator. You can store the milk in for 3-7 days and for almost 3 months in the freezer. Warm the milk under warm, running water before feeding the baby. Warmed breast milk must be used within 1 hour.

Formula Feeding:

Follow formula label directions or better a physician’s suggestion for formula. Wash bottles, nipples in hot, soapy water.
Heat under warm water until formula is at room temperature and make sure to test a drop on your hand before feeding the baby.
Use mixed formula within 12-24 hours (store in refrigerator). 

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