5 Good Ways of Avoiding Asthma Triggers

By Lifeline Hospital, Health & Wellness Partner


Lifeline Hospital
Health & Wellness Partner

February 05, 2019

With asthma rates on a constant rise and air pollution only getting worse, scientists are taking additional effort in detecting its causes and determining all of its possibles relieves. As a long term disease infecting lungs, asthma is a continual struggle for everyone affected by it. Mostly developed in early childhood, it can also be spurred as an occupational hazard for workers exposed to industrial dust and chemicals and affect teenage smokers and people struggling with obesity. With no cure yet found, it can be only controlled, never completely healed. For that reason, getting to know the disease and triggers that induce it is of the utmost importance.

Fortunately, most of the triggers causing asthma attacks are now well known and include allergens like pollen, mold, certain types of food, dust mites, and cockroaches. There are also linked to pet allergens, air pollution, and dry or humid weather. In order to keep the disease from affecting your daily routines or getting worse, be sure to avoid those at any cost. Here are some suggestions.

  • Keep an asthma diary

Not every asthma sufferer reacts to triggers with the same intensity. Consequently, the most effective way of controlling your disease is by observing its symptoms very carefully. You can, naturally, do it without the help of your doctor. With a simple asthma diary, you can record every single detail of your condition for a couple of weeks. Be sure to detect every factor, both environmental and emotional, even if it seems insignificant at the time

  • Make your environment allergy-free

Even if you spend most of your time at home, it’s quite possible that other environments play a significant part in your asthma attacks as well. By commuting, working or socializing, you are putting yourself at risk of being exposed to both allergens and pollution. Start with your own home and make it completely allergy-free by getting rid of dust mites and cockroaches, mold and vapors. Also, be sure to use your cleaning chemicals with caution. Avoid meeting your friends in fuggy restaurants and bars that allow smoking. When traveling, always bring your own bedding and, if your trip demands sleeping over in a hotel, remember to ask for a non-smoker room.

  • Prolong your winter sleep

Most asthma triggers lurk in the open air. And while, unfortunately, air pollution and cigarette smoke are unavoidable for sufferers living in the urban areas, pollen can be somewhat avoided. As it seems, it is the greatest (and the most obvious) inducer of asthma flares, and you can steer away from it by simply staying indoors during the high-risk seasons, like spring and fall. Exercising in nature can also be a problem for some asthmatics, but exercise is still the one thing you shouldn’t avoid. You can simply eliminate the attacks by taking your physical routine down a notch.

  • Cut the smoke

The risk of developing asthma is much greater with cigarette smoke, and for those already affected by it, smoking is the major trigger. However impossible it might seem, cigarette cessation is absolutely paramount if you’re struggling with asthma attacks. For non-smoker asthmatics, being around others who do smoke is just as difficult. Explain to your family and friends that asthma is a serious condition and ask them for some understanding.

  • Stay healthy

Apart from those asthma triggers, you can intentionally avoid, there are some conditions you can’t stay immune to. By affecting your body and making it weaker, infection and viruses irritate your lungs as well, thus intensifying your illness further. Every disease that affects your respiratory system, even only your sinuses, like flu and pneumonia, are certain to cause more asthma flares. For that reason, don’t forget to take precautions and always build up your immune system during flu season.

Be vigilant, but calm, listen to expert advice and live by them, and in time, your symptoms will completely wear off.

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