10 Healthy New Year’s resolutions & how to stick to them !

By Lifeline Hospital, Health & Wellness Partner


Lifeline Hospital
Health & Wellness Partner

February 02, 2019

It’s that time of year again! You know. The one where you’re like, “My New Year’s resolutions are…” WAIT! Before you finalize your list have another once-over and ask yourself, are these healthy? Whether it’s school, work, family, health is something that should always be prioritized no matter what. Not only in the physical sense but mental, emotional and spiritual sense too! Everyone dreams of the things they want to do better in the New Year but often lose track due to priorities changing. Here’s a list of the healthiest goals you can have and how to stick to them!

1. Stop “Dieting,” Eat Healthy & Nutritious

Losing weight is typically on everyone’s list. To become slimmer, more toned, get rid of that muffin top or love handles, whatever. For how many years has that been a resolution? How many times did you get all motivated to diet and exercise in the beginning only to snuff out after a while? Break out of that pattern! Focus on being healthy, not losing weight and you’ll see and feel the real results!

2. Work Out Every Single Day!

Whether it’s at the gym, park or even at home, make sure you are actively moving. Even if it’s just for 20 minutes, exercise is very important for your body. Your muscles need to be used or else you’re just going to have a hard time going around. The trick is to find something that works for you. Whether it’s pumping it at the gym, swimming at the pool, dancing in a studio or even doing workout videos at home; work it!

3. Sleep More

Let’s face it; we live in a fast-paced world. It’s so easy to get caught up with the hustle and bustle of school, work, socializing etc. to the point where people who are capable of “all-nighters” are given respect and those who get a decent night’s sleep are considered lazy. Isn’t that crazy? Sleep is one of our most basic needs! Sure you could survive a whole night but that doesn’t mean you’re functioning at your best. Sleep does wonders for your body, your mood, your appearance, and memory. Lack of it can lead to obesity, diabetes and a whole different list of health issues. Take that nap, don’t feel guilty.

4. De-Stress

Who isn’t stressed these days (haha)? Jokes aside, a little pressure every now and then is actually a great boost. Ever felt that adrenaline rush of finishing something last minute before a deadline (procrastinators unite!)? It’s a great rush, but if stress is something you feel constantly to the point it’s affecting your lifestyle – little sleep, poor eating habits, no exercise, distancing from others; get it checked. Figure out the cause(s) and find solutions on how to deal.

5. Quit Bad Habits

Stop allowing toxins into your system! Yes, it’s easier said than done, especially when the substances are addictive like smoking. If you smoke and have tried quitting, you’ve probably gone through the motions of trying to giving in, to trying again and giving in, again. It’s frustrating yes, but ask anyone ex-smoker and they’ll tell you it was the same for them as well. The best thing you could do would be to try out different methods and find what works.

6. Connect (In Real Life!)

Social media has seriously changed the way we keep in touch. What started out with lengthy phone calls and messages in the odd hours of the morning switch quickly to likes and double-taps. Feeling out of touch? Why not reach out and meet up? A funny conversation over lunch is a lot more meaningful than just scrolling through your phone. In the long-run, you’ll know who really matters in your life and what a healthy relationship is.

7. Save, Save, Save

Many people underestimate the importance of saving. We live in an age of instant gratification and if we have the money, we splurge. It’s very tempting that when you get that paycheck to treat yourself for all the hard work you did. Treating yourself is fine, but not to the point where you’re barely getting by for the next three weeks. Try to put a little away when you can. You never know when you might need it.

8. Volunteer When You Can

Happiness is contagious. When someone laughs or smiles it can get infectious. Sometimes we believe that doing things for ourselves is the only way to be happy, but in truth, we can find happiness in others too! When you put yourself out there to help your family, friend, or a complete stranger on the street it’s a different kind of happiness but happiness nonetheless. Share it!

9. Learn Something New

Never stop learning! No matter how old you get, there’s always something new to discover. Just like your body, you need to keep exercising your mind. Whether you go back to school or take online lessons, keep going! The world continues to advance and you got to keep up.

10. Travel Often
Life is a collection of experiences and some things you’ve got to find out there in the world. The joys and rewards of traveling last long after you put your suitcase away. Discover cultures, go on adventures, eat all kinds of food, meet new people and see things as you’ve never seen them before!

Here’s to your health! Cheers!

Will you be including these on your list?

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