Safe Summer Campaign


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The Safe Summer Campaign is an initiative started by the Dubai Municipality in 2008. This campaign is a community awareness initiative held with the purpose of raising awareness on summer specific ailments and how to manage them.

As part of the various engagement points, Healthigo, which places a huge focus on community engagement, this year is partnering with Dubai Municipality to run the campaign and expand its exposure to reach a larger portion of residents in the city of Dubai.

The 12 week campaign is aimed at educating the general public about the dangers of extreme heat conditions and how taking sufficient precautions can help protect them from heat strokes and other related ailments.

Healthigo’s focus during this campaign will be to provide summer health counselling and engaging activities to a targeted population of 2,000,000 residents in Dubai covering key, public, corporate and government locations. This program will cover how to be safe and healthy during summer with special emphasis on hydration and skin care. A focused approach to deliver this message are related activities as points of engagement.

Healthigo works beyond the digital platform, engaging communities at their physical locations, thereby building value to business communities and residents alike. Following this, some malls, many metro stations and some outdoor venues will be covered. Government and Corporate office locations will become the venue for reaching out to the white collared population.

The malls that will host this campaign will be Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, City Centre Mirdif, Ibn Battuta Mall, and City Center Deira, where the activation centre will be open for 10 days at each locations.

The Outdoor areas covered will be La Mer Central, Healthcare City Bldg 18, City Walk and Kites Beach. There will be cooled tents with the activation stations for visitors for 10 days at each location.

Each metro station will host the activation centre for 5 days where commuters can visit and engage on the topics for safe summer.

Each activation centre will have stations and visitors can pass through each station for Hydration, Summer Skincare and Home Safety.

The Hydration station will have a 360 Degree Video VR experience about Heat Stroke, Victim and Care.  A consulting on Hydration and Heat stress will be accompanied by Body fluid tests. Visitors will have more information on water and juices and how to be hydrated.

The Skincare station will have a skin test podium for assisted skin test on an interactive screen and skincare consultation. There will be an interactive make-up screen for summer make up and skin care consultation. Trials for summer protection products will also be available.

A focal point of engagement during this campaign is The Mystery Box Challenge that revolves around health care. It is an interactive quiz which will challenge people to work on their grey cells and will be rewarded with very exciting prizes.

There will many more interactive digital games, challenges with many opportunities to win prizes and get take-aways. There will be interactive booths, photo opportunities, and photo booths to record the memories. With an active social media presence, sharing on social media by visitors will give more opportunities to win prizes. Campaign mascots will be around each activation area to keep visitors and passers-by engaged.

This event will be covered by major TV and Radio channels and will reach out to the residents of Dubai in all possible manner. Healthigo, in its focus on an all-inclusive society and community will engage and bring healthy living to all.

Come join us today for a better tomorrow.

Build Smart Health, Smart Community.